Lost Arts-icon Lost Arts required:  Wayfaring
Building-icon Building requiredFarm Level 10

Waters of Life requires Invalid parameter and will take 4h 4m 48s to be discovered.  You will gain Experience-icon 50 after it is discovered.

Waters of Life-Image
Lost Arts-icon Lost Arts allowed:  Brans Legacy s Sapphire (Scroll)-icon 800
Waters of Life-Desc
Unlock-iconSpring of Life-icon

Scrolls 0 / 12

Waters of Life Scrolls (Unobtained-Sapphire)-icon
When 'Wayfaring' has been discovered and you have a 'Farm' at level 10
Waters of Life Scrolls (Unobtained)-icon
When 'Wayfaring' has not been discovered and/or you do not have a 'Farm' at Level 10
Total number of Levels: 1

The individual scroll icons will change from Waters of Life Scroll (Unobtained-Sapphire)-icon or Waters of Life Scroll (Unobtained)-icon into Waters of Life Scroll (Obtained)-icon as you acquire the specific scrolls.  Your scroll count will increase as well.